With planning well underway for the VICSWIM Summer Kidz Program 2023, we are determined to make this summer matter for children and teachers who are involved in the program.

The VICSWIM Summer Kidz Program runs over the first 3 weeks of January, and by leveraging the support of swim teachers across the state, in 2022 alone we were able to deliver lessons to over 16,500 children. Despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic sweeping across Victoria, the 2022 program was an immense success and we entirely look forward to doing it all again for 2023.

We would like to acknowledge that this is to the credit of the teaching staff, regional coordinators and venue managers for their immense efforts in ensuring the program was delivered to its maximum capacity.

In saying this, as we look to recruit teachers for the 2023 program we would like to review the rewards of becoming a VICSWIM teacher.

A rewarding career that makes your summer matter

In the 2023 program, 40% of families told us that their child would not have had access to swimming lessons, were it not for the VICSWIM program.

As a swim teacher, your contribution to the VICSWIM program saves lives. It truly is a career that is often underappreciated, however, the VICSWIM program is an opportunity to teach kids vital skills that could help save themselves, or others.

Last year’s teachers told us that there’s “nothing better than teaching kids to be safe around water and seeing the results of their progression with the VICSWIM program”

An enjoyable summer job that brings the joy

Being able to work in an environment that brings fun and enjoyment is a reward in itself. The working environment of the VICSWIM program more than satisfies this criteria. We asked a few teachers last year why they participated in the program. Here’s what they said

“Because I love teaching kids to swim and we have a great time doing it”


“I enjoy teaching the program in a work environment that is never dull.”


Flexible working environments and great pay

Being a VICSWIM swim teacher is a casual and highly flexible position that reaps great pay for teachers. Teachers are able to allocate which week they would like to teach in, and which venue they would like to elect as their base venue. If timetabling suits, teachers are even able to work at multiple venues if they desire.

Apply to become a VICSWIM Teacher

If you would like to be a part of the VICSWIM program, we’d love to have you on board. We are currently looking for more dedicated teachers to partake in the program. Without teachers, the program simply cannot run. If you’re qualified and looking for work placement over the summer, register your interest now!

We are able to cover the cost of qualifications for the first 130 swim teachers and 20 lifeguards who apply for the role and are not yet qualified. It is a wonderful opportunity to give back to your local community and help save lives this summer, and many summers to come. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, click here.