Welcome to the better big bank

When you’re a big bank, you have big responsibilities. The biggest of which is to do the right thing. It’s something Bendigo Bank has always been good at. 

Bendigo Bank is one of Australia’s largest banks and one of the country’s most trusted brands. It is a top 100 ASX listed company with more than 110,000 shareholders. The bank has an extensive branch network Australia-wide serving over 1.9 million customers.

It is also committed to the prosperity of local communities through its network of Community Bank branches.

These branches are owned by local people and operated in partnership with Bendigo Bank. They return most of their profit to their communities through sponsorships, grants, scholarships and by supporting local initiatives. It is one of the world’s largest social enterprise-style businesses. 

To-date, more than $250 million has been pumped back into Australian communities by the network of Community Bank branches. They, and the local people involved, are having a huge impact on the wellbeing and development of their communities.

For more information visit www.bendigobank.com.au

The bank’s branches across Metropolitan and Regional Victoria are proud to support VICSWIM.