VICSWIM is a state government funded program, providing swimming lessons and water safety/survival skills for Victorian children aged 4-12 across the state, offering a variety of skill levels for children of all competencies.


276 Australians died in our waterways between 2018-2019, totalling 56 in Victoria and the highest incidents for ten years. There is no age group or demographic who are safe from this toll. Teaching children from an early age how to swim, float, tread water and know the difference between safe and dangerous water-related situations is one way of preventing these incidences.


“My children gain more and more confidence each year they participate in the program. Highly recommended” – Anonymous survey response from the 2019 VICSWIM program.


Whether your family resides in a rural or metropolitan area, it is inevitable that your child will, at some point, visit a swim a or beach location. It is crucial that they have the life skills and knowledge of how to stay safe around the water and be aware of potentially dangerous situations.


VICSWIM CEO Kathy Parton said: The 2020 Vicswim program is providing children an opportunity to learn both swimming and survival skills in open water, inland water and public and private swimming pools across Victoria. This year we have had a record breaking 15703 children registered in the program. New partnerships have been formed with a range organisations and businesses in the aquatics industry to enable the delivery of the program in 180 venues across Victoria. We thank them for their investment in the program.  Places are still available for our last week, we hope to see you at one of our venues!


On behalf of the VICSWIM team, we look forward to seeing you and your children at our Summer Kidz 2020 program this January, at your local VICSWIM venue.


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