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Venue Entry Fees:

Some venues may charge an additional entry fee for children and/or spectators to enter the pool. Whilst every effort has been made by VICSWIM to arrange free entry for participants, the final decision is at the discretion of the individual venue. To check whether any additional entry fee is applicable to you, you can contact your preferred venue or refer to the list of venues on the VICSWIM website.

VICSWIM Summer Kidz – Refund Terms and Conditions.

Requesting a refund:
If a refund is to be requested, please contact VICSWIM on 9271 3800.

Refunds will be issued under the following terms and conditions:

Cancelled venues:

If a venue is cancelled you may request a refund or transfer your child/ren to an alternative location provided. VICSWIM reserves the right to cancel venues where there are insufficient children enrolled in the program or a qualified teacher is not available.


Refunds for medical reasons will only be issued under the following terms and conditions:

  • Participant attends no more than 2 lessons in any one program.
  • A medical certificate must be forwarded to the VICSWIM head office no later than two weeks after the date of illness.


Patrons can apply for a refund if a patron and/or their parent/guardian is not able to attend the program due to:

  • Border closures
  • Contact with an exposure site
  • Is a close contact of a confirmed case
  • Is self-isolating while awaiting test results

To issue a refund for this reason, supporting evidence is required. This could include border permits, communication from DHHS, evidence of COVID19 test results etc. 

Refunds will not be granted in the following circumstances:


Unsuitable class times, change of conditions or patron booking errors eg student enrolled in inappropriate level.


In wet or cold weather all teachers are advised to continue with classes or implement the wet weather policy. In the event that you do not attend your child/rens lesson on these days you will not be entitled to a refund.

No refunds will be provided after two weeks of the program concluding.

Aquatics & Recreation Victoria, its authorised staff and contracted service providers such as financial institutions and Government agencies covered by law, may be recipients of this information. Aquatics & Recreation owns the data submitted on the booking information form.

Privacy Policy:

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Supervision Policy:

It is important that both the parent and the VICSWIM teacher understand their responsibility in ensuring that students of all ages in their duty of care, are presented to the teacher at the commencement of their scheduled class time, and returned back to the parent/guardian at the conclusion of their scheduled class time. Children, before and during their swimming lessons, must be supervised by their parent(s) or guardian as per the standard supervision guidelines. All parents/caregivers are informed and required to accept the terms of the supervision policy prior to commencement of the program.


1. Teachers that are instructing swimming lessons and programs should be aware of and understand their responsibilities of supervision (outlined below) when providing programming at the centre.

2. The VICSWIM teacher needs to ensure:

a) That all children attending swimming lessons are accompanied by a supervising adult (must be over 16 years of age)

b) The parent/caregiver is aware that they are required to supervise and have direct line of sight of their child whilst they are participating in swimming lessons at the centre or open water location.

3. At any stage during the VICSWIM program, if a child needs to attend the toilet a supervising adult must accompany the child. The VICSWIM teacher will be required to gain attention of the supervising adult to ensure they come to collect their child to accompany them to the bathroom, the VICSWIM teacher is unable to leave the supervision of any children in their class to assist a child to the parent or bathroom. It is the responsibility of the VICSWIM teacher and supervising adult to ensure that the child is being supervised at all times.

4. If the child requires first aid it is the responsibility of the VICSWIM teacher to either: inform the lifeguard on duty to assist in providing first aid and hand over duty of care to the child’s parent/caregiver or handover duty of care to the child’s parent/caregiver to allow them to accompany their child to the first aid room.

5. At the conclusion of the VICSWIM program, the teacher needs to ensure that a supervising adult collects the student from the program.

a) Any student who does not have an adult present needs to remain in the care of the VICSWIM teacher. In the event that a childs parent cannot be found to allow for a safe handover of duty of care the VICSWIM teacher must inform the Duty manager at a pool location if possible or at any other location call the Regional Coordinator. The teacher and Regional Coordinator or Duty manager are expected to work together to ensure the child is kept in safe care until their parent/caregiver can be located.

6. Watch around Water is an important industry driven program that contributes significantly to ensuring the safety and reducing risk at our public swimming pools. All facility guidelines must be followed in the event that you are delivering a VICSWIM program in a Watch around the Water provider.


VICSWIM requires all owners or operators of aquatic facilities and all VICSWIM teachers to adhere to the Victorian water safety guidelines outlined below:

· Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations by Royal Life Saving Victoria https://rise.articulate.com/share/GYxNN2K_Zzv6RA0DamsMpzxcu6H6bIcN#/

· Swimming Instruction and Water Safety Guidelines by Victoria State Government’s Department of Education and Training https://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/principals/spag/curriculum/Pages/swimm