The VICSWIM Workforce Initiative is a Sport and Recreation Victoria funded initiative to find 150 staff to obtain swim teaching or lifeguarding qualifications, ready for the 2023 VICSWIM Summer Kidz Program.

VICSWIM has provided Victorians with fun and educational aquatic holiday programs since 1976. VICSWIM focuses on learn to swim and water safety skills, both in pools and open water venues across the state. VICSWIM employs over 300 swim teachers and life guards each summer. VICSWIM is a 3-week intensive Learn-to-Swim holiday program, conducted in the first three weeks of January each summer.

The recent impacts of workforce shortages have affected all industries, and in particular has catastrophically interrupted the supply of qualified swim teachers. This is having a direct impact on the delivery of learn to swim education across Victoria, so ARV is working with the State Government to turn this around and ultimately, save lives.

It’s estimated more than 4,000 kids missed out on swimming lessons over the past two years and 17 people tragically lost their lives due to drowning last summer in Victoria – that’s why the State Government is ensuring even more Victorians get their chance to learn about water safety.

Swim teaching or life guarding is a fantastic opportunity to work with children on an affordable swim program across Victoria. It’s an ideal summer holiday job. Plus, once qualified, you can work anywhere in Australia, or the world. Not only do you have the opportunity to grow your skills in public speaking, communicating with the public, and working in a great friendly environment – we pay you for it.

Working for VICSWIM usually entails shifts of at least 4 hours a day, during the week (no weekends.) VICSWIM is a great way to earn money in summer, but is also a gateway into ongoing employment across the aquatics industry.

Swim teaching is a job that brings its own rewards. You witness the results of your work, as students reach milestones and the smiles and confidence that it gives the students is so gratifying. To be able to lessen the fears of those that are scared, help ensure children and families are safe and prevent tragedy is a rewarding role to play.

Swim teachers also provide great impact in guiding those who may be slightly over-confident in the aquatic environment to understand the risks and how to be safe. The joy that it brings to be a swim teacher is so worthwhile. To know that you are teaching lifelong skills is so valuable.

Once an interested participant registers their interest, they will be put in touch with a
VICSWIM Regional Coordinator who will arrange all the necessary training and preparation to become a qualified swim teacher.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please click the button below.